Tonight I had the incredible opportunity to read (shhh…it is not officially launched) the latest book from Trevor Eissler. Yep, the super cool dad who had enough guts to put it all down in his previous book, “Montessori Madness: A Parent to Parent Argument for Montessori Education”. Tonight I could not help but feel a bit guilty as my two young Montessori children were asleep in their bed as I had a cup of tea and an inspiring read on my Ipad.

 At a first glance the beautiful, scenic pictures got my attention of a boy sitting under the moon. It was apparent that young Zachary was an intrinsic thinker.

The latest book, “4,962,571” (June Books) indirectly offers the unsuspected parent an observation of a boy who does not want a reward, but instead the opportunity to count to a number in his heart. Young Zachary was given the opportunity by his parents to move throughout his community. With a messenger bag across his body, he explores with his dog. He touches and experiences life in order to achieve the intrinsic reward for himself. I was inspired by how self-directed Zachary is while continuously asking questions.

He displays self-esteem, confidence and concentration.

As an administrator of a Montessori program I believe the book, “4,962,571“will serve a purpose for the prospective parent touring my school. I believe it will increase enrollment by offering a kind suggestion to take action and go out and observe a Montessori classroom in your community.

Why? Simply put, Mr. Eissler has written a childrens book that shows a young man who is not looking for praise or reward, but instead his goal is to reach a number! As a Montessorian I know that this was through the act of asking questions, movement (touch and experience!) and he just wanted to do what my students call, “hard work!”

I leave you with this thought, “How high can you count?”

Shelley Bevilacqua is a single mom of two inspiring Montessori students: Giuseppe (age 5) and Giuliana (age 4).

She resides in Delray Beach, Florida where she adores her 21 students in her Blended 3-6 classroom.

Shelley holds an AMS (3-6) Montessori Certification, a Director Credential for the school and is also a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Her newest venture is www.athomemontessori.com

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